Airtastic Entertainment Centre, Bangor

Inflatable play, soft play and ninja park

Airtastic Entertainment Centre in Bangor, Northern Ireland, is a vibrant and family-friendly attraction that offers a diverse range of activities, making it an appealing destination for tourists seeking entertainment and recreation. This modern entertainment complex caters to a wide audience, from families and groups of friends to individuals looking for a fun and active experience.

One of the key features of Airtastic is its trampoline park, a sprawling space filled with interconnected trampolines. This area provides a thrilling and energetic environment where visitors can bounce, flip, and soar through the air. The trampoline park is not only a source of exhilarating fun but also a fantastic way for tourists to engage in physical activity and enjoy a unique experience.

In addition to the trampoline park, Airtastic offers a variety of other activities, including a ninja obstacle course, mini golf, and a soft play area for younger visitors. The ninja course challenges participants with various obstacles, adding an element of adventure and competition. The mini golf course provides a more relaxed yet entertaining option, suitable for all ages. The soft play area caters to younger children, ensuring that Airtastic is a versatile destination for families with kids of different ages.

For tourists looking to unwind and socialize, Airtastic also features a café and seating area. This provides a comfortable space for visitors to relax, enjoy refreshments, and socialize after participating in the energetic activities. The overall atmosphere is designed to be welcoming and inclusive, making it an ideal spot for groups, families, and individuals alike.

Airtastic Entertainment Centre's convenient location in Bangor, a popular coastal town with its own attractions and scenic beauty, adds to its appeal for tourists. It provides an excellent option for those seeking indoor entertainment, especially during inclement weather or as a break from exploring the surrounding outdoor attractions.

Airtastic Entertainment Centre in Bangor stands out as an engaging and versatile destination for tourists. With a range of activities catering to different ages and interests, it offers an entertaining and active experience, making it an attractive option for families, groups of friends, and individuals looking for a memorable and enjoyable time during their visit to Northern Ireland.


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Units 3-5, South Circular Retail Park, Newtownards Road, Bangor, BT19 7AG

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