Aurora Swimming Pool, Bangor

Swimming in 3 pools with slides and waves

Aurora Swimming Pool in Bangor, Northern Ireland, is a modern aquatic facility that adds a refreshing and recreational dimension to the tourist experience in the area. Situated in the seaside town of Bangor, the swimming pool provides both locals and tourists with a vibrant space for aquatic activities and relaxation.

The state-of-the-art facility at Aurora offers a range of amenities, including multiple swimming pools, water slides, and leisure areas. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely swim, partake in water fitness classes, or experience the excitement of the water slides. The family-friendly atmosphere makes it an appealing destination for tourists looking for both active and leisurely pursuits.

For tourists, Aurora Swimming Pool serves as a haven for relaxation and enjoyment. After a day of exploring the scenic attractions of Bangor and the nearby coastal areas, the swimming pool offers a rejuvenating escape. The facility caters to individuals, families, and groups, providing a welcoming environment where visitors can unwind, have fun, and embrace the recreational opportunities available.

With its modern amenities, central location, and the coastal charm of Bangor, Aurora Swimming Pool stands out as an attractive option for tourists seeking a blend of aquatic recreation and relaxation during their visit to Northern Ireland.


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3 Valentine Road, Bangor, Co-Down, BT20 4TH

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