Drumawhey Junction Railway, Millisle

Minature railway (only open occasionally)

The Drumawhey Junction Railway is a notable attraction for tourists, offering a unique glimpse into the rich railway heritage of Northern Ireland. Situated near Comber in County Down, this heritage railway is a meticulously preserved section of the former Belfast and County Down Railway's branch line. Operating on a narrow gauge, the Drumawhey Junction Railway recreates the charm and ambiance of a bygone era, allowing visitors to experience the nostalgia of steam locomotion.

Tourists are drawn to Drumawhey Junction Railway for its authentic steam train rides, providing a picturesque journey through the scenic countryside. The meticulously restored carriages and locomotives, often dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, evoke the romance of historic rail travel. The railway enthusiasts and volunteers who operate and maintain the line contribute to the immersive experience, sharing their passion and knowledge with visitors.

Beyond the captivating train rides, Drumawhey Junction Railway offers a captivating glimpse into the industrial and transportation history of the region. The railway station itself, with its period architecture and vintage signage, transports tourists to a time when railways played a pivotal role in shaping local communities and facilitating trade. This living history attraction appeals to those seeking a nostalgic journey and a deeper understanding of Northern Ireland's railway legacy.


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