Kearney Village, Portaferry

A picturesque National Trust 18th century fishing village

Kearney is a meticulously restored village, showcased as a masterpiece by the National Trust, aiming to authentically recreate the charm of a traditional fishing village. Positioned three miles east of Portaferry, Kearney offers stunning views spanning from Scotland to the Isle of Man and the Mountains of Mourne. The National Trust has undertaken the restoration of several cottages in Kearney, ensuring they adhere to the vernacular style, thereby preserving the authentic character of the village.

Accessed through a narrow road winding through verdant, rounded drumlins, visitors are guided to the delightful village, the eight-acre sandy expanse of Knockinelder beach, and a small enclave of saltmarsh. In the 19th century, Kearney flourished as a thriving community, predominantly sustained by fishing. Intriguing tales recount the exploits of a 'she-cruiser,' crewed entirely by women, navigating the surrounding waters. Kearney stands today as a testament to its rich history, providing visitors with an immersive experience of a bygone era, carefully curated to retain its unique character.


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