North Down Museum, Bangor

Museum & cafe in the grounds of Bangor Castle

Embark on a captivating journey into Northern Ireland's history at the region's most frequented small museum, nestled in the charming stable block of Bangor Castle within the scenic confines of Castle Park. Immerse yourself in the rich narrative of the area's past, archaeology, and wildlife through an array of dynamic audio-visual displays and compelling exhibits.

Witness archaeological marvels like the Ballycrochan Swords from 500 BC and a 9th Century hand bell, representing Bangor's era as a prominent Christian monastery. Step into the Viking experience within our summer replica longhouse, featuring a beloved observation beehive for children. Borrow a young explorer's backpack to uncover Castle Park's hidden wildlife.

Delve into Raven Maps revealing the landscape during the Plantation Era for Scottish Settlers. Explore the Jordan Collection, showcasing ornate Asian artifacts, unraveling the historical ties between North Down and the Far East. Temporary exhibitions continually refresh the narrative with recent local stories.

The museum hosts special events, activities, and an engaging education program year-round. Conclude your visit at our award-winning Coffee Cure café with a view of the Victorian courtyard, and don't forget to explore our gift shop for a cherished keepsake.


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Castle Park, Town Hall, The Castle, Bangor BT20 4BT

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